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Poetry: Tools & Techniques   by   John C. Goodman

Poetry: Tools & Techniques is a book about poetic language, about how to write beyond the limits of language, to make the language say what it was not designed to say.

Bass Theory  by  John C. Goodman

As bass players we play accompaniment to songs and so it is essential that we understand songs, song structure, chord function, chord progressions and how chord progressions relate to melody and to basslines. Bass Theory provides an introduction to song structure as well as the basic elements of music theory, including: the layout of the bass fretboard; the structure of scales; the major, minor, pentatonic and other scales; keys; intervals; chord tones; major and minor chord structure; the Circle of Fifths; modes – and much, much more! Designed with those who do not read music in mind, Bass Theory covers everything you need to know to apply music theory to the electric bass guitar.

Available in paperback from Amazon. com - $12.99

The Eldamunde Cunningham Mysteries  
by   J. Conrad Beech

The Eldamunde Cunningham Mysteries plunge Eldamunde and her friend, Hazel Bright, into the dark side of the Victorian imagination as they seek the truth in a world of gaslight, of frantic cab rides through fogbound London streets, of secret passages and cryptic messages, of murderers and monsters. 

Volume I

Available as a paperback from - $10.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

Mordred Scupper's Last Day  by  J. Conrad Beech

Mordred Scupper wants to retire, but every time he tries to close the doors of Mordred Scupper Investigations one more client walks in with one last case – a case he can’t resist!


Mordred Scupper is a dinosaur. He doesn’t own a computer, a cell phone or a digital camera. After more than thirty years as a private investigator, he knows his day is done. It’s time to turn out the lights, lock the door and go home for good. But that proves surprisingly hard to do.


Available as a paperback from - $6.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

Enigmatica    by   Jack Moody

Enigmatica - The Book They Don't Want You to Read

When a dying man slips Mike two quotes from Enigmatica, a forbidden book holding secrets so explosive they could change the world, Mike and his friend Sandy must run for their lives to places they never imagined.

Available as a paperback from - $12.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

Alra by Jack Moody

In a future city divided into Violence Control Zones, Detective Jago Stel has a murder to solve – a murder committed by a mysterious woman who can ghost past sensors without leaving a trace, a woman with no past and no identity beyond her name: Alra.

Who is she?


Available as a paperback from - $10.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

The Somnalist  by  John C. Goodman

Lost in the borderland between life and death lies the ancient secret of human destiny. In the face of overwhelming forces, Phil must follow a spiritual path through his dreams to retrieve the hidden knowledge before his own life is destroyed.

Available as a paperback from - $12.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

Matilda and the Fairies  by Rollo Marsh

Matilda secretly lives in a cupboard in the kitchen of Darkfell Manor. One night, she finds a fairy in the flour bin! They become fast friends and, after overcoming many difficulties, Matilda’s lonely life is transformed into a world of wonder, eventually leading to a journey to the Land of Faerie. Set in 1895 Westmorland, this enchanting tale of a young girl finding her independence will touch the hearts of young and old alike.

Ages 8-12


Available as a paperback from - $8.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

The Stream Keepers  by  Rollo Marsh

Meet The Stream Keepers, a fun and friendly family of Water Sprites. Join them on their adventures along the banks of Rippling Stream.

Filled with the beauty and wisdom of the natural world, these charming stories are sure to win the hearts of children and adults alike.

In the tradition of The Wind in the Willows, Little Grey Men and Old Mother West Wind, the tales of The Stream Keepers take us into the magical world of Nature.

The fourteen stories in this book are non-violent and promote positive attitudes towards the environment and building self-esteem.

Black Dove by Charles Bonham

An explosive tale of adventure and intrigue, rich in history and mysteries from the past.


 “…by the time we reached the dock, the Cathars and their chest were gone.”


Michelle Charbonnier finds this cryptic reference to the arrival of Cathars in Quebec in an old diary from 1693. Could the Cathars have survived the 13th century crusade against them in southern France and come to Canada? And what was in the mysterious chest mentioned in the diary?

Michelle sets out on a hunt for the fabled Cathar treasure. Chased by a group of renegade heretic-hunters, she finds herself on the trail of a secret many have died to protect – and she may be next.


Available as a paperback from - $14.99

Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

Zelda and the Flames of Destiny
by Wallace P. Blatt

Follow the hilarious adventures of Dizz-J and Moose, two escaped convicts who drive a stolen Urban Search and Rescue Vehicle, nicknamed Zelda, across America accompanied by Leyla, a sultry wanna-be actress, and Flora, an escapee from a psychiatric ward.


This modern version of the picaresque form will delight fans of Charles Dickens ‘Pickwick Papers,’ Tobias Smollett’s ‘Humphry Clinker’ and Henry Fielding’s ‘Tom Jones’!


 Available as a paperback from - $12.99

 Available as a Kindle ebook from - $2.99

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